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Shane Education programmes for Hong Kong are developed locally by teachers and professionals under the framework designed by education experts. By making use of the rich content we already have for International market, the new programmes are suitable for both self-learning and guided learning under supervision of teachers. They are designed to cater to the needs of students in Hong Kong and to provide them with the most appropriate learning materials to make learning easy and pleasurable. This is our primary objective. To this end, we closely follow the guidelines given by the local education authority in building our library of learning content.

Our programmes are more than just content. They are a learning system with clear objectives. Through careful design and proper guidance, students will not only find our programmes interesting and helpful for their school lives. They will also be trained to become more self-disciplined and take greater control of their learning.


Programme Features

Shane Education programmes are designed to cater to the needs of students in Hong Kong and to provide them with the most appropriate learning materials to make learning easy and pleasurable. This is our primary objective. To this end, we closely follow the guidelines given by the local education authority in building our library of learning content.

Our curricula are planned to include enough spiral learning elements to avoid boring repetition so that students can progress step-by-step comfortably at their own pace. Rather than adopting the drill-and-kill education strategy and making students perform excessive repetitive chores, we aim to enhance the students’ learning experience through theme-based associative learning methodology, thereby making learning easy while saving needless effort on the part of students. Although we can’t completely avoid drills, they are thoughtfully designed to build critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, thus encouraging students to dig deeper and think harder.

Keeping learning materials up-to-date is a constant challenge for all schools. For Shane Education, interesting topics related to modern-day living and at the same time relevant to the younger generation are included in our learning materials to motivate the students to keep on learning. Moreover, we emphasize the need to include a wide variety of cultural elements to enrich our students learning experience and to instil in them positive values. Students going through our programmes will find learning stress-free, full of fun, and easy but effective.

Curricula Development

The curricula of Shane Education are specially designed by academic experts and experienced teachers for local students. To make our programmes interesting and relevant to our students, a great deal of localised content and topics of interest are added and step-by-step guidance is given in order to help students learn by themselves. Sufficient illustrations and examples are provided frequently to enable them to grasp the concept of each topic. Over time, students’ learning will become self-paced and they will master the topics without heavy repetitive drills.

As programme administrators, we recognize the difference between individuals and we understand that learning progress should be personalised. Thus, to develop our students’ potential, each student has their own starting point in learning. Learning materials will be given according to students’ ability and they can pace their learning according to their needs and wishes. We also understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our team of experts will continue to work on new programmes so that students will have new options in the future.



With more than four decades of teaching experience behind us, Shane English Schools have many proven programmes operating worldwide. Shane Education takes Shane English’s global programmes as a blueprint for further development and uses  guidelines from the local education authority as its  guiding principle. As a result, new localised programmes have been designed specifically for Hong Kong. These learning programmes are filled with topics of interest for young students and can enhance their academic results.

In accordance with the Shane tradition, our programmes teach British English and gives guidance to students to strengthen their skills in all key elements of language learning : vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and writing. These programmes are carefully structured to provide systematic learning for students aged 3-14 and which  allows them to advance step-by-step at a comfortable pace. Pre-recorded audio materials delivered in a British accent by native English speakers are provided as part of the learning aids. Our Spelling Bee App, released in early 2018, provides a fun-filled learning experience for our students to sharpen their vocabulary skills.


Mathematics is the foundation of the sciences and an important building block of STEM education. Consequently, mathematics is a key subject at Shane Education. For the benefit of local students, our Mathematics Programmes follow the guidelines laid down by the local education authority and cover the key topics required. Students are given guidance to think critically from different perspectives. Drills are designed to sharpen their problem solving-skills and equip them for solving mathematics problems in real-life. In addition, our programme includes extended learning as an option for advanced learners who wish to explore the topics further.

As an important element of our design, mathematical concepts are first introduced with abundant illustrations and examples before students embark on actual problem solving. Step by step guidance is also given to help students advance at a comfortable pace and to build up confidence in learning mathematics.


Sad but true to say, even though the people in Hong Kong are predominately Chinese and use Chinese on daily basis, the standard of Chinese language among students is falling every year. With the advent of mobile technology, tendency of using audio and video instead text for communications is worsening the problem. As reflected by teachers, students start to forget the proper way to write in Chinese, unlearn the Chinese characters they have learned, and find Chinese culture as foreign as European culture. Further complicating the issue is the use of Cantonese Chinese in Hong Kong as a spoken dialect which is quite different from the written language. The Shane Chinese Programmes are designed to address some of these pressing problems in the use of Chinese in school and in everyday life among students.

Following closely guidelines from the local authority for school curriculum, our Chinese programmes is designed to nurture students in the use of Chinese to meet the requirements in school as well as in the use of the language as medium for communications. In line with the call from the authority in whole person development, learning material is carefully selected to promote ethical values such as duty and responsibility, acceptance and tolerance of others, judgement of right and wrong, healthy lifestyle etc. Elements of the Chinese culture are also introduced to remind students of their cultural background and hopefully to spread and thereby preserve the valuable part of Chinese culture.


Most of the programmes offered by Shane Education can be learnt by students themselves without much intervention from the teacher. We call them the self-learning programmes. We also offer programmes taught in classrooms or in small groups. Visit your local schools to find out what they offer.