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A Great Place to Learn

With more than four decades of experience behind us, Shane Education is a well-established and highly respected name for after-school learning. We place great emphasis on providing high quality, excellent value, and caring service for our students. As we understand the needs and mentality of our students, our tailor-made curricula take care of students’ academic needs and also make learning easy for them. Our systematic learning curricula allows teachers the flexibility to nurture students in a relaxed, friendly, and yet very personalised manner. The topics our experts have chosen for learning are trendy and multicultural. Students will be able to relate to  many of these topics.

We offered programmes customized for Hong Kong so as to make learning intriguing and relevant to students here to ensure that they enjoy studying with us


Use of Technology

Our younger generation is growing up in an age of mobile connectivity. To compete for attention and time, education has to adapt and evolve. For this reason, Shane Education makes learning more accessible to students by introducing new approaches to learning English. Our English learning app, Shane Spelling Bee, has been formally released as a free learning aid to all students in our English programme. With it, students will be able to improve their English anywhere and anytime without being tied to their desks. The app is now available for download in both iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play) platforms. Contact our schools to learn more.

Effective learning

With the information and knowledge we need to acquire growing at an appalling rate, there’s simply never enough time to learn everything we need to learn. As such, teaching students how to learn by themselves and organizing learning in a systematic fashion that facilitates knowledge acquisition is a challenge for all educators. Shane Education programmes are designed by educators and experts to include all the essentials for learning and are organised in a systematic manner to make learning easy for students. The self-learning approach also allows students to pace their learning according to time and needs gradually and steadily, knowing that their effort will help them in school. Once accustomed to self-learning, students will be well prepared to face new challenges in the future.


No Student is Left Behind

Each child is unique. Learning styles and pace vary from child to child. Recognising this, Shane Education programmes allows teachers the flexibility to organise the teaching and learning progress according to each students’ aptitude. This personalized approach to learning makes our programmes suitable for everybody.

As a note to parents, we understand that sometimes parents would be too enthusiastic and even impatient about the learning progress of their children. An over-zealous attitude often doesn’t work for children. We urge all parents to trust us and give their children time and patience. We believe this approach will pay off better for everybody in the long term.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perseverance yields the best learning result.

Reviews of Shane

Shane English School has been described as “the best in effective teaching” by CommonWealth Magazine from Taiwan.

The Saxoncourt Group in the U.K. trains teachers for Shane English Schools in other parts of the world. Our trained teachers are high calibre individuals welcomed by many prestigious organizations.

Though we are relatively new in Hong Kong, we listen to our parents and children to incessantly improve ourselves over time. The feedback from them are very encouraging and strengthen our belief that we are doing the right thing.

Enrollment Procedures

We organise Parent Orientation seminars frequently to introduce our methods to parents. This could be a good way to find out whether Shane is suitable for your child. All interested parents are welcome to join these seminars to get an introduction about our methods. For those who are interested, please contact the centre nearest to you.

To enroll, all students must undertake a placement test before they start their lessons at Shane Education. Instructors at each centre will use the test results to determine the best learning starting point for each student. A full and thorough explanation will be given to parents about the test results.

Future Endeavours

Shane Education always strives to become better. Our learning materials are revised regularly to keep up with the latest trends so as to meet the needs of students here. Newer programmes are on their way to give our students more options for learning. Please stay tuned for them.